For the lovers of coffee this Gluten Free Coffee Lovers gift is simply perfect for birthdays, thank you, Mother's Day, Father's Day, housewarming and anniversary.

The House of Timms coffee bags are individually sealed, delivering the perfect cup of coffee with no mess or fuss. The Mocha Kenya style coffee bags contain premium coffee beans and are lightly roasted creating a flavour with acidity and robust aroma. The Gold Colombia style coffee bags are rich, dark and aromatic. This blend is full bodied with deep chocolate and nutty flavours.

Byron Bay Coffee Company's Classic coffee beans is aromatic, medium strength with vibrant flavours and is perfect for your coffee machine at work or at home. Nutworks dark chocolate coated coffee beans are pure indulgent drops of heavenly, slightly roasted coffee beans encased in luscious dark chocolate. Byron Bay's milk chocolate coated coffee beans are freshly roasted and have a honeycomb consistency making them creamy and crunchy to taste. Yum!

The delightful Jumbleberry jam blends the flavours of strawberries, raspberries, blackberries and red currants. It's perfect on toast, scones or add to a sponge cake. Enjoy these beautiful coffees with some tasty Mother Meg's Orange and Fig biscuits and delightful Almond Macroons. The coffee lover will end this beautiful coffee experience with some indulgent Lindt milk chocolates.

 Presented in a gorgeous gift box with ribbon and a gift card with your message.


  • Robert Timms 8 Coffee Bags Mocha Kenya Style 45g
  • Robert Timms 8 Coffee Bags Gold Colombia Style 45g
  • Byron Bay Coffee Company's Classic Coffee 100g
  • Byron Bay Coffee Company's Milk Chocolate coated coffee beans 125g
  • Nutworks Dark Chocolate coated coffee beans 150g
  • Yarra Valley Jumbleberry Jam 230g
  • Mother Megs Gluten Free Almond Macaroons 130g
  • Mother Megs Gluten Free Orange and Fig biscuits 150g
  • 4 Lindt Milk chocolates
*There are times when items are not available due to supply difficulties. We substitute with a similar item to the same or greater value. It maybe necessary to change the gift box or basket if extras are added.

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